Leak Checking Services

    Hard to find leaks:                                       

  -Bell Jar           - Compressed Gas Leaks   

  -Tracer Gas     - Absolute Static Pressure 

  -Bubble Test   - Pressure / Vacuum 

  -Hermetic        - Reverse Sniffer Probe  

  -Permeation of Porous Materials    

    Leak Check Rental    

   Equipment Rental:   Easy to Use.    

   Find all Compressed gas leaks at  

   any pressure.  Training available.  

  Laser Welding Micro Scopes 

  Repair Services and Maintenance    

  On-Site or ship us your Equipment. 

Beam Delivery Components
  Vacuum Pump Sales and Rental   

       Select your application             

    Vacuum Base and Flow in CFM  

 PRC; Turbines / Power Supplies  

Rebuilt: PRC Turbines and PRC Power Supplies

  Water Leaks Repaired        90 Day Warranty           1 Year Warranty With Laser Tune Install     

    Emergency Laser Repair Services

  Laser Repair: Co2 Laser, Fiber & Yag Laser.     Maintenance & Performance Upgrades           

 Laser Welding Systems

  Remanufactured Laser Components  

Laser Shutters,  Power Meter Sensors,

Power Supplies,  Turbines,  Blowers    

Rofin 610 Power Sensor